Project Description

18.11.2005: The Situated Body will be presented as a case study on November 18th 2005 at "Denkgeräusche" the first national conference of music, drama, dance, art and design.

08.02.2006: act work meeting examines the question: How do we teach performance? An open talk between teachers of different swiss art schools on their personal philosophies and basic theses takes place at the Werkraum Warteck pp Basel.

18.03.2006: meeting/workshop LBG, national association of teachers for art education in primary schools, project presentation and workshop in collaboration with art students.

23.03. - 25.03.2006: act workshop, F&F School of Art and Media Design Zurich. A three day workshop in which art students and teachers from all Switzerland mutualy develop and test the act performances. The act performances are examined as central projects of The Situated Body.

11.05.2006: research conference, 2:00 PM - 0:00 AM, Vogelsangstrasse 15, Basel. 5:15 PM The Situated Body project presentation, Dr. Sabine Gebhardt Fink; 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM „From Science to Market" Prof. Alois M. Müller (lecture), HGK director; panel discussion Rainer Egloff (moderation), Collegium Helveticum with Martin Wiedmer, IDK, Marianne Daepp SNF/DORE, Heinrich Lüber, HGK, Daniel Zehntner, KTI, etc.

10.11.2006: The Situated Body: Research Group Workshop and International Symposium. Research Workshop: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, FHNW, Academy of Art and Design, F Galerie Vogelsangstr. 15, CH-4058 Basel; Symposium: 2:00 PM - 9:45 PM, Kunsthalle Basel, Steinenberg 7, CH-4051 Basel with Karl-Josef Pazzin, Prof. University Hamburg, "Lehrkörper. Inszenierte Bildungskrise"; John Miller, artist and art critic, Berlin and New York, "Static Performativity in Dan Graham's Art"; and, Gernot Böhme, Prof. em, Director of the Institute for the Praxis of Philosophy, "Der Raum leiblicher Anwesenheit und der Raum als Medium von Darstellung". >> Program.pdf

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